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Beats was made in 17 hours at the game Jam Bivouac Urbain 2010 - Based on a song from Misteur Valaire.

I'm a game designer, but this is my first experience coding and doing everything (but the music) for a game.

  • Move the mouse cursor to collect pieces of the same color.
  • Collect shield to protect yourself from colliding with a piece of the wrong color.
  • Touch another color in the bottom HUD to change the color of the cursor and collect a different color.

Piece spawning is synced to the music, so crank up the volume.

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Published352 days ago
AuthorGabriel Lefebvre
TagsArcade, Music

Install instructions

To play locally, download the standalone archive. Open the HTML.


Beats - Bivouac 2010 - Standalone.zip (999 kB)

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